Our Guarantee

We pledge to make your experience with

The Margarita Man an exceptional one!

From time to time, we hear about other margarita rental companies who delivered faulty or poorly maintained equipment. The customer thought a machine at their party would be a great idea but they were let down BIG TIME by the shoddy equipment and worse yet, the lack of remedy from XYZ Company who rented them the machine.

Complaints regarding other look-a-like services range from “the margaritas were never frozen” to “the drinks were so frozen that they wouldn’t even pour out of the machine.” Others mention that “the machine was so noisy that people at their party couldn’t carry on a conversation near the machine” or that “there was too long a wait for the drinks to freeze between mixes.”

Reservation Guarantee

Your satisfaction is very important! Our guarantee to you is if we cannot confirm your reservation at least 7-days prior to your event date, we will give you 20% OFF your next scheduled rental.

Plan early — our schedule fills up quickly during peak periods.

We absolutely hate to turn anyone away, that’s why we’re willing to do our best to fit you in! Over the past 4 years we have increased our rental fleet significantly to address extra busy times.

If we are unable to schedule your service date, it’s typically due to a last minute request for a reservation before a busy summer weekend or holiday date. If our schedule is full, we will be happy to keep you on our waiting list in the event of a cancellation.

We are proud to provide high quality service and state-of-the-art equipment to ensure a memorable event!